e PRegEx - Regular Expression Xtra for Director openxtras.org


PRegEx is a free, open source, Xtra that brings the power of Perl regular expressions and list handling to Lingo.

Versions available for download:

Name Release Date Package Docs
PRegEx 2.0 final (rev 167)
(Dir 11+ only)
December 7, 2008 Download (18 MB .zip) Read Me (100K)
PRegEx 1.0
(Dir 7-10 only)
June 4, 2001 Download (1.4 MB .hqx) Read Me (100K)

To decompress the downloaded .sit.hqx file, you will need Stuffit Expander from Aladdin Systems.

Known Issues List

Here is the consolidated list of PRegEx known issues, bugs, and wish-list items.

PRegEx Discussion List

Please see the home page of this site for a link to the Google discussion group.

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