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February 9, 2017 — R.I.P. Director

Adobe has recently announced end of support for Director. I will try to keep this site up and running for a couple more years in case anyone still needs to grab a copy of pRegEx. Happy hacking! — Chris

December 7, 2008 — PRegEx 2.0 for Director 11 is now final (rev 167)

PRegEx 2.0, the first update needed since 2001, is now in final release. This version adds Unicode support for Director 11 and Universal Binary support for Mac OS X.

August 29, 2005 — OpenAL Xtra.

Jeremy Johnson has started a SourceForge project for OpenAL Xtra, a free, open source scripting Xtra for Macromedia Director that extends Lingo with the basic functions of OpenAL, a cross-platform 3D audio API. With the OpenAL Xtra, a Director developer can arrange sounds around a virtual listener in a simulated, three-dimensional space.

Currently, there is a release for Windows available, although he is hoping to find a Mac developer to port the project.

If you found this site helpful and would like to contribute to the cost of maintaining it or contribute toward the continued development of any of the Xtras on the site, please click the link on this page.

February 22, 2002 — Contributions now accepted.

If you found this site helpful and would like to contribute to the cost of maintaining it or contribute toward the continued development of any of the Xtras on the site, please click the link on this page.

June 4, 2001 — PRegEx 1.0 released.

The first Xtra to be released on this site, PRegEx 1.0, is now available.

PRegEx is an Xtra that brings the power of regular expressions, flexible utilities for lists and property lists, and more, to Lingo. It is inspired by the similar features of the Perl programming language, but you don’t have to know anything at all about Perl to use PRegEx.

Mailing List for Announcements and Support

To be notified of future releases or updates of PRegEx and/or other Xtras on this site, or to discuss bugs or technical issues, simply join the * mailing list. This is a moderated list and is very low-volume (roughly a few messages every 6 months).


The mission of is to...

  • Provide great examples of open-source, mature, buildable, full-featured, cross-platform Xtras.
  • Encourage an abundance of new, quality Xtras for Macromedia Director.
  • Create a starting place for developers who may have had difficulty getting started writing an Xtra.
  • Promote open-source values within the Director community.
  • Make Lingo programming more enjoyable.
  • Increase business opportunities for Xtra developers who are interested in getting paid to support or create custom versions of Open Source Xtras, whether their own or others’.

About Open Source

The Open Source philosophy encourages developers to release software projects to the general public along with the complete source code.

Open Source products are not necessarily “free”. Every open source product has its own licensing arrangement and its own copyright status -- some may require a fee for commercial use. The main requirement for a project to be considered Open Source is that the software and source be freely and publicly distributed.

As it happens, currently the only project on this site, PRegEx, happens to also be “free” in that you may use it, and/or create derivative works, free of charge. But don’t let this confuse you... future projects released on this site might be open-source, but might not be “free” for any use.

To learn more about the Open Source movement, please visit

Call for Contributions

The editorial committee of this Web site is actively seeking new contributions and new participants. We especially encourage developers who may already have mature Xtras to consider releasing them Open Source, even if they are not necessarily prepared to make them free for all users.

Any projects contributed to us for consideration will be handled in the strictest of confidence and will never be released to any outside parties until formally accepted by the editorial committee. Copies of rejected projects will not be retained by the committee.

In addition to insisting that projects on this site be Open Source, the editorial committee of this Web site may apply other, subjective, criteria before deciding to make any particular project available directly on this site. The general guidelines will be published soon, but ultimately, the subjective decisions of the editorial committee will always govern. In the meanwhile, consider PRegEx to be a good example of what we’d like to see.

We may apply a weaker standard for merely providing links to other Open Source Xtra projects, so we actively encourage you to self-publish any projects of your own and to send us the URL for possible linking from this site.

If you are interested in contributing a new Xtra to the community, please join the Google group above and send an inquiry to the group.

Any software products distributed via this site are the sole property and responsibility of their designated copyright holders and are subject to license agreements as indicated in the documentation accompanying each individual package.

This site is not affiliated with Macromedia, Inc. Macromedia, Director, and Lingo are registered trademarks of Macromedia.

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